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Personal Retreats

Simplicity by the Sea, Flinders Island, Tasmania.

In our busy lives we often overlook the needs of our body-mind.
Often much time is spent on self-criticism, worry & extended stress – physical, mental & emotional.
This lifestyle can lead to dissatisfaction, despondency & health crisis.
We feel there is no time to tune into natural rhythms & our intuitive path in life.
A personal retreat allows time to relax & recharge & to reconnect with our deeper nature.
It offers an opportunity to schedule a time where our health comes first.
And it will remind us to take care of ourselves & to treasure our health.

Holiday Yoga and Meditation

These new 3-5 day programs are flexible enough to fit into your time exploring the island, while learning & experiencing
a range of easy, gentle & yet powerful techniques to support health & happiness.
Sessions include gentle movement, breath techniques & deep relaxation along with meditation training. These
programs include daily morning & afternoon sessions tailored to suit individuals, couples or small groups.

1. Relax and Recharge

Introductory level: Gentle systematic postures, breathing and deep relaxation practices, accent on body and
breath awareness, improving health & relaxation. Courses may include practices to improve the immune
system, promote back care & help manage chronic pain.

2. Stretching and Breathing

Progressive level: Focus on strength and flexibility, pranayama, deep relaxation and meditation.

3. Limited Mobility / Chair Yoga

Gentle systematic postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation & meditation from a chair. Maximum of 4


ASANA - Yoga Postures

Yoga practices begin with the outermost aspect of the personality – the physical body. Asanas help to keep the body
healthy by removing tensions and massaging the internal organs.

PRANAYAMA - Breathing Practices

Breathing techniques are important not only for supplying the body with fresh oxygen and strengthening the lungs,
but they also have a direct effect on the brain and emotions, balancing the nervous system and putting us in touch
with more subtle energies and aspects of our being.

YOGA NIDRA - Deep Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a useful and powerful practice in which one learns to relax consciously releasing both physical and
mental tensions.


  • Steady the mind and relieve mental dissipation.
  • Increase the flow of energy in the body and mind.
  • Clarify your thought.
  • Develop concentration.
  • Heighten your intuition.
  • Strengthen your mental & emotional health

General Information / Special Events at Simplicity by the Sea Studio

1. Local classes

December to May

2. Emotional Wellbeing Courses

A profoundly empowering & in-depth course, allowing time to review old beliefs about dealing with loss, look at losses
that have affected our life and learn techniques to help manage the pain of loss.

Course 1: Grief Recovery 3 sessions intro.7 sessions full course.

Course 2: Grief recovery for Pet loss 6 sessions

Ref: Grief Recovery Method with

Your Teacher

NIVEDITA SARASWATI is an experienced teacher of yoga, deep relaxation and meditation with a special interest in promoting individual health and wellbeing.
Nivedita trained as a Social Worker, with a focus in the field of mental health, before taking further training in traditional
yoga and mediation and Grief Recovery.
She has been working in this field privately for many years with the focus on adapting traditional techniques to support
health and lifestyle.
The increased awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle habits alongside the renewed appreciation of local travel
make Killiecrankie, Flinders Island, Tasmania a unique and memorable setting for these Holiday Yoga and Meditation Courses.

The courses offer a lovely low key way to learn and gain confidence in gentle movement, healthy breathing techniques, deep relaxation techniques and a few different meditation tools to support everyday health and well-being.
They will be suitable for individuals, small groups and include specialises options eg low mobility courses (from a chair).
These courses offer a range of dates to suit your needs and lifestyle.
Nivedita supports the view that time spent in nature- near the ocean and mountains, the trees and fresh air; the uncrowded  and unpolluted environment profoundly supports our health, our resilience and our intuitive nature.
Regular practice of these techniques not only greatly aids in the maintenance of good physical and mental health by reducing stress, but also brings about a sense of profound personal wellbeing.

Registration / booking for 2023/4 dates, fees & bookings contact:

Adjacent Holiday Accomodation Oakridge Holiday House

Times~Fees and Personal Class Fees

$75 per session (1 hr) for 1 person.

$15 extra for each extra participant, max 6.

2 classes per day morning and afternoon; around 8am and 4.30pm.

Option sample: 3 days @ $75, x2 sessions per day = $450.

Seniors discount 10%.

Registration / booking for 2023/4 dates, fees & bookings contact:

Adjacent Holiday Accomodation Oakridge Holiday House